Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Reservation and Payment

  • Engaging in a transit service offered by AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS signifies your agreement to remit the established fare at the point of reservation.
  • We accept payments via a range of platforms, including but not limited to, credit/debit cards, electronic transfers, and other sanctioned payment channels.


Cancellation and Adjustments

  • For comprehensive insights on cancellations and adjustments, kindly peruse our Cancellation Policy segment.
  • AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS is entitled to revoke or adjust reservations owing to unexpected events such as harsh weather, mechanical failures, or absence of drivers. We commit to informing our patrons promptly in such scenarios.


Patron Accountability

  • Patrons are obligated to supply precise and thorough details during reservation, encompassing locations for pick-up and drop-off, contact specifics, and any tailored necessities.
  • Patrons should be primed and accessible at the stipulated pick-up schedule. Delays attributable to patrons might incur supplementary fees.


Safety and Etiquette

  • AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS is devoted to ensuring the welfare and ease of every passenger. We anticipate that clients will adhere to safety instructions and maintain a decorous demeanor towards chauffeurs and co-passengers.
  • The indulgence in alcoholic beverages or unlawful substances within our vehicles is stringently forbidden.


Insurance and Liability

  • AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS is comprehensively insured, safeguarding our fleet and passengers. Nonetheless, we advocate that clients maintain their individual insurance for enhanced security.
  • We disclaim liability for personal items forgotten within our vehicles.


Service Accessibility

The availability of our transit offerings is contingent on numerous factors. We endeavor to gratify all reservations, albeit service assurance is not feasible during heightened demand or impromptu requests.


Privacy Assurance

Your privacy is esteemed at AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS. Personal data is gathered and employed exclusively for facilitating transit services. Comprehensive details are accessible in our Privacy Assurance segment.


Amendment of Terms and Conditions

AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS is authorized to amend these stipulations intermittently. Revised terms will be accessible on our digital platform, and patrons are enjoined to acquaint and adhere to the updated stipulations.


Feedback and Inquiries

Your opinions and inquiries are valued. For any clarifications or challenges related to our offerings or these stipulations, reach out through email at [email protected] or telephonically at 336-995-4450.


Engaging with AIRPORT CONNECTION EXPRESS signifies your concurrence with these Terms and Conditions after thorough perusal and comprehension. Regular review of these terms for novel updates or modifications is imperative.

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